Newest tale of Hokage the Samurai is Now Available!

Posted by on January 5, 2013

“Shadows and Hellfire” — the third tale of the samurai Hokage and his shape-shifting companion Sasa — is now up on Heroic Fantasy Quarterly!

You can jump straight to my tale by going here: — but do give the rest of the issue a look!  And remember, you can find the previous tales by poking around in their archives, or by going to the page on my website devoted to the Hokage tales.


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2 Responses to “Newest tale of Hokage the Samurai is Now Available!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hi. Although they haven’t arrived yet I just ordered all three Best of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly’s with the Hokage stories at the top of my reading interest though I look forward to reading them all especially those by Dariel Quiogue, Charles Gramlich, Evan Dicken and Ben Fenwick. I was wondering if the third Hokage story, Shadows and Hellfire (I think?), is available or will be available in a paperback format at some point? And/or if there is an ebook or Kindle version available? -I realize you posted it here on your site which is really cool but I’m old school and prefer mine in hard copy if one exists. Thanks!

  2. R. Michael Burns Says:

    “Shadows and Hellfire” and “Demon-Fang” ran near enough together that one had to edge the other out for inclusion in the Best of… anthologies. The editors were kind enough to allow me to choose which of the two would make it into print. Although I very much like “Shadows and Hellfire” I chose to include “Demon Fang” because it serves as both a solid tale on its own and a bit of backstory for a significant part of the Hokage lore.

    I am currently at work on a trilogy of Hokage novels, btw. Books I and II are complete and have both made it past the first draft stage; book III is just underway.

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