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I’ve lately become slightly obsessed with all the joys of the artistic filters available in Microsoft Digital Image Suite — a program that no doubt sounds nigh on ancient to anyone who is actually serious about digital photography.

In any case, I’ve decided to offer some of my variously manipulated digital images here. ¬†All of the photography is my own and is protected by copyright.


Japan, lotus blossoms, Heian-jingu, Kyoto

Lotus Blossoms at Heian-jingu, Kyoto, Japan

torii gate, Heian-jingu, Shinto shrine, Kyoto, Japan

Torii Gate, Heian-jingu, Kyoto, Japan

Japan, Mt. Fuji, sunset

The View from Fuji-San

Shinto shrine, Takinomiya, Fukaya, Japan

Shinto Shrine Rooftop, Fukaya, Saitama, Japan

Roppongi, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan

Moon Over Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

Stone lantern, koi pond, Nara, Japan

Stone Lantern and Koi Pond, Nara, Japan

Japan, Kyoto, Buddhist Temple

Small Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Japan, Hakone, art museum, plum blossoms

Plum Blossoms at the Hakone Open-Air Museum, Japan

Japan, Paper Lanterns, Buddhist Temple, Japan.

Paper Lanterns at a Buddhist Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Dragon font, Shinto Shrine, Fukaya, Japan

Dragon Ablution Font, Takinomiya Shrine, Fukaya, Japan.

Giant parasol, Kyoto, Kinkakuji, Japan

Giant Parasol, Kyoto, Japan

Japan, Koi

Koi and Tree Reflections, Japan

Kyoto, costume Geisha, Japan

Costume Geisha at a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan

Japanese Temple, Paper Lanterns, Nara, Japan

Temple and Paper Lanterns, Nara, Japan

Mount Fuji, Hakone, Japan

Fuji-san Seen From Hakone, Japan

Japanese Cherry Blossoms and Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern and Cherry Blossoms

Trees, Winter, Xi'an, China

Tress in Winter, Xi’an, China


Japanese Shinto Shrine

Takinomiya Shrine, Fukaya, Saitama, Japan

Great Buddha, Kamakura, Japan

Daibutsu Buddha, Kamakura, Japan

Japanese Bridge and Blossoms

Rainbow Bridge and Cherry Blossoms

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