Fiction Foundry Presents: One a new anthology of tales from the newly-launched Strigadae Press, featuring my tale “The Gallery” AND Forgotten Places, a new anthology from The Horror Society, featuring my tale “The Treehouse”…  Both books contain a host of talented authors telling stories that are sure to stick with you.  And if you have any doubts, just check out Amity Green’s “Sunshine Beamed” in One, or Marianne Halbert’s “The Fire Tower” in Forgotten Places

ForgottenPlaces-StackOne (two)


Carnival of the Damned, a new anthology from Evil Jester Press, featuring my tale “The Roar of the Greasepaint” and other tales of terrifying tents, haunted midways, horrifying rides, and other carnival horrors…

Carnival of the Damned (2014)


Also Available:

An Uncommon Collection, an anthology from the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group, featuring my short story, “The Door, the Lock, the Key” and tales by fourteen other excellent authors.

Cover for Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group's anthology An Uncommon Collection

The Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group’s forthcoming anthology

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Other places where you can find my short fiction include:


“Gwailo” — a twisted tale of love and death during the Ghost Month in Hong Kong.  Appears in Made You Flinch:  Stories to Unnerve, Disturb, and Freak You Out, from Library of Horror Press, edited by Bill Tucker —


“The River Child” — Tomiji Fukushima, a homeless man living forgotten under a bridge in Tokyo is haunted by a demon from his childhood.  Appears in Horror Library Volume 3 from Cutting Block Press, edited by R. J. Cavender —


“Celia” — sleepless and desperate, Adam Singleman chases an unearthly seductress around the world in a desperate attempt to retrieve what she has stolen from him.  Appears in Bell, Book and Beyond: An Anthology of Witchy Tales from The Design Image Group, edited by P. D. Cacek.


“Keeping Vigil at the Tree of Life” — Dr.Ellie Cogg was always content to accept the OneGod under the global technotheocracy until deities from long-lost belief systems started turning up dead all over the world.  Appears in Goodbye, Darwin, edited by Cavan Terrill and G. R. C. Lewis


“Taghairm Close” — a beautiful and enigmatic young woman leads her on-again, off-again boyfriend into a dark and secret labyrinth in the ancient city of York.  Appears in Cthulhu Express from Rage Machine Books, edited by G. W. Thomas  (not currently available — visit Rage Machine Books website here:









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